Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SharePoint Query String URL Filter Web Part

I created an application using WSP in Visual Studio 2008. This application is template to record tasks that are assigned to different regional managers within our organization.

The CEO of the organization will go over these tasks every Monday and plan accordingly. So he needed to have a quick way to see all the tasks for all the locations at once. We decided to create a report using conventional reporting tools.

One of the challenges we faced was that we needed to pass a parameter to the report server, which is integrated within SharePoint. However, we still needed to create a SSRS Web Part, which would not take an URL query string. Additionally, the SSRS Web Part was created in a new site within the SharePoint organization site.

Anyway, I found the following article that helped me resolved this issue by implementing a Query String Web Part file into my environment. So, when the user clicks a button called "View Report", a parameter is sent through a Response.Redirect() from my application code behind language (C#) to the new Sharepoint Site where the SSRS web part is. The parameter is then capture by the Query String Web Part (This web part is on the same site and "page" that the SSRS web part is) and passed internally to the SSRS report server web part.

For more information on how to use the web part please go to the following link:

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