Wednesday, January 19, 2011

internal size of the records in your joined SELECT statement is 25006 bytes... Problem and Resolution

While testing the AX 2009 CRM module today I clicked Update > Quotation button and I got the following error:

The total, internal size of the records in your joined SELECT statement is 25006 bytes, but Microsoft Dynamics is by default performance-tuned not to exceed 24576 bytes.

This means that the Max Buffer Size in the Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility is either too small or blank. In my case was blank.

To Resolve the issue I opened the Ax Server Configuration Utility (Start > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics 2009 Server Configuration) and I created a new configuration pointing to the same AOS instance.

Under the tab named Database Tuning I set the filed named Maximum Buffer Size to 70570 and saved the configuration.

When I opened AX 2009 again and I replicated the action (explained above) everything worked fine.


  1. Hey .. you are welcome and thanks for checking my blog man!~

  2. Be aware the Maximum Buffer Size field you can modify in the server configuration is in KB. The default is 24 (kb), I've seen some articles ( on random crashes when this parameter considered to be in bytes.

    1. Tom,

      Thanks for sharing this info with us. It is appreciated.



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