Friday, May 13, 2011

Deploy AX 2009 from Terminal Services with the AX configuration - AX 2009

In my company we were trying to deploy AX 2009 from terminal services and we encountered profiles issues when other users (other than the server admin or domain admin) were trying to access the application.

This was strange as we did install the client on a public share, and we also imported the correct configuration for the AX 2009 client.

Anyway, I need to give full credit to my company's System Manager. His name is Rohan Robinson and he is truly a master when it comes to Terminal Services and Citrix. His email is in case you have questions for him.

So, Rohan came up with the following solution:

1- He installed the AX client on a public share
2- Imported the correct configuration for the client. In here make sure that the configuration file has the correct path as shown below:

3- Moved the configuration file to the bin folder (E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Client\Bin)

4- Modified the properties in terminal services to point to the axc file instead of the AX32.exe file. The process is as follow:

*Right-Click on the AX remote App on the Terminal Services UI as shown:

*Then change the path with the configuration file name (which is already in E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Client\Bin) instead of the AX32.exe one as shown below:

At this point, everybody can access the application through terminal services. Rohan also mentioned that the same process can be used in Citrix (XenApp 6.0).


Friday, May 6, 2011

Error while trying to access Active Directory - AX 2009 -

Today I was trying to add some users by using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009  Active Directory Import Wizard and I got the following error:

Error while trying to access Active Directory

I went into a code (Forms/SysUserADUserImportWizard/searchADUser) and I saw that the Active Directory searcher will break into this line:

searchResultCollection = directorySearcher.FindAll();