Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Practice Check execution - Multisite in AX 2009 - Specific Checks - Tables - Inventory dimension fields are handled by multisite activation

When upgrading from an older version to AX 2009, the multisite function is, by default, inactive. Ususally when you activate Multisites in AX 2009, you may have an error message saying:

"The Multisite wizard is not up-to date"

This means that some new InventDim fields have been added to some tables and the wizard cannot run. There are many ways to fix this, but I found that by executing a Best Practice Check is the best way to do this.

On the Microsoft white paper about multisites (http://www.ax-pact.com/downloads/Multisite%20Activation%20White%20Paper%20for%20Microsoft%20Dynamics%20AX%202009%20.pdf) they suggest doing this, but they don't tell you where to run the Best Practices Check from.

To do so follow the next steps:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Consume an Currency Exchange Rates Web Service from AX 2009 - WFC

Consuming web services from Ax 2009 is a sort of tricky task when the web service is not DAX 2009 "friendly".

Microsoft published a white paper on how to consume a web service to load currency exchange rates into the ExchRates Tables. The problem is that the web service provider's information is outdated. In addition, this white paper does not really explain the problem the developer will faced when the URL does not have the WSDL definition into it.

For example, in the white paper the web service URL is the following: