Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Create a new Number Sequence for a Lead ID in AX 2009 CRM

I experienced something extrange today while setting up AX 2009 CRM module. My organization did several modifications in the prior version of AX (3.0).

While testing the lead functionality I noticed that the user has to come up with an ID (write an ID ... weird). So I thought it was because of the customizations made to the systems in prior versions, but then I realized that the 3.0 version did not have leads.

After doing some research, I realized that the way to do it is the following:

Go to CRM - Setup - Parameters - Number Sequence (Tab) >

Look for the Lead Id name under the Reference Column. In my case this was empty. So I went to:

Basic - Setup - Number Sequences - Number Sequences - and I created a new record like the:

Number Sequence Code: CRM_12 
Name: CRM Lead ID 
Smallest: 1
Largest: 999999 
Next: 1 
Format: L-######## 

Then I went back to CRM - Setup - Parameters - Number Sequence (Tab), and assigned the newly created number sequence to the Lead ID and done.

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