Monday, September 11, 2017

Common Data Service - Working with Existing Projects/Tasks Mapping

  • Click in the project name to access its tasks, and then click on a task (i.e. SalesInvoiceHeader).

  • There are two mapping sections.
    • Source to CDS – i.e. Sales Orders Template, which will move data from D365 for Ops to CDS, and then from CDS to D365 for Sales. The transformations (see below for more info) are done at this stage. This means that if there is data to be transformed from D365 for Ops to D365 for Sales, it will be transformed at the time that is written into CDS, this is done to avoid having two transformations from CDS to Destination.
    • CDS to Destination – The CDS contains the data already transformed and ready to be push to the target system without major data manipulation. Note that the data in CDS can be used to integrate with external systems.
  • You can create JSON transformations for your data by using the Edit Transformation function. You have 4 choices:
    • Default: Where the Source to CDS explicitly sets a default value to be always the same i.e. ORG001.
    • Truncate: A fixed length i.e. Notes.
    • Value Map: Transforms data from source to system. i.e. Unit of Measure for “Pieces” in D365 for Ops is “pcs”, and in D365 for Sales is “Piece”.
    • Country Region Code: Related to a picklist in CDS for pre-defined mapping of countries.
    • See about mappings and projects in posts stating with Common Data Service Project Setup.

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