Monday, September 11, 2017

Common Data Service - Working with Existing Entities

  1. Sing in to
  2. If you want to work with an existing environment choose the CDS environment you want to work with. NOTE that Microsoft does not recommend using the default environment. If you need to create a new environment, go to Steps – Create a new CDS Environment.

  1. Click Common Data Service à Entities to see a list of entities in the chosen environment.

  1. Click on the chosen entity to view data, export data, or modify it.


  1. The Open in Excel option will download an Excel file. You can change data directly in the spreadsheet and publish it back to the CDS entity you are working with.
  2. The Export Data option will download a CSV file along with XML documents.
  3. The Import Data option will give you the ability to import data via CSV. Just keep in mind that the column mapping must be the same as the one you can download.
  4. You can view the data directly in the CDS entity by clicking the Data tab.

  1. Once you have made changes to the chosen entity, you can choose to create or work with an existing project. Please see the  Working with new Projects if you want to create a new one, or Working with existing Projects if you want to modify an existing project.
  2. You may choose to create new entities for the different customizations done to either Sales or Operations. To create a new entity follow  Working with a new CDS Entity.

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