Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enterprise Portal authentication in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Finally something that makes sense!

In AX 2012 there is a new authentication terminology - Pluggable authentication. This type of authentication allows users who are not part of Active Directory access to the AX 2012 Enterprise Portal.

In a nutshell, AX 2012 integrates with SharePoint Pluggable Authentication, which provides authentication to external Enterprise Portal users that are not part of an organization's Active Directory.

Further, Pluggable Authentication provides an administrator three additional forms of authentication in addition to Active Directory:

1.       Active Directory Federated Service: Allows users who are associated with an external Active Directory to access Enterprise Portal.

a.       When an ADFS user is removed from the external Active Directory that user does not have access to Enterprise Portal.

2.       Forms Based Authentication: Allows users to authenticate against a custom database of users.

3.       Live Id: Users can authenticate to Enterprise Portal by using Windows Live Id.
See the following diagram:

For more information on the new Enterprise Portal changes in AX 2012 visit

In addition, Brandon George has a really good post about the new Security Architecture in his blog, Check it out

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  1. thank you very much, but i have a couple of questions here

    Does the pluggable authentication allow external users to do the following:

    1- Request loan
    2- Request materials
    3- Request items
    4- Purchase request

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