Wednesday, January 4, 2012

About the Microsoft Dynamics AX client

[NOTE] The information below has been taken from a Microsoft source.

The client application is a 32-bit Windows application that provides a rich user interface for the Microsoft Dynamics AX application. The client is typically used by employees within an organization.

The client provides the following functionality:

Rich user interface: The client is a Windows application with a rich user interface consisting of forms, menus, and controls. The client includes over 3,000 forms built using a combination of metadata and X++ code. The Microsoft Dynamics AX forms use X++ to process events and business logic. Forms can host managed WinForms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls, and X++ can interoperate with managed (.NET) classes and assemblies.

The MorphX development environment: The development environment is integrated into the client application. Authorized developers can use the MorphX development environment to enhance or customize the Microsoft Dynamics AX application.

Integration with Microsoft Office: The Microsoft Dynamics AX application integrates with Microsoft Office. Data in grids can be exported to Microsoft Excel, where that data can be formatted, manipulated, refreshed, modified, and saved back into Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can integrate Microsoft Outlook® with the CRM module to synchronize schedules and tasks bi-directionally.

Unified communications: The client provides integrated unified communications using Microsoft Office Communicator. Key forms and controls are presence-aware for contacts and employees. These forms and controls also provide a visual indicator of the availability of contacts. Users can also use real-time messaging such as instant messaging and outbound voice communication.

Reports: The Microsoft Dynamics AX application provides reports based on SSRS.

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