Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Performance

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I found a very interesting video on AX 2012 performance. It is amazing and really exciting to be part of this release as there have been many improvements to create a better, more reliable and faster product. The following are the key points in the video:
1-   Ax 2012 focuses its efforts on the AOS, this is, the AOS can scale up and scale out.  For example, as computer manufactures create bigger boxes (strong processing power), AX 2012 application server scales out to take full advantage of this new advances.
2-    Ax 2012 takes the unmanaged X++ and run it in .NET. Therefore X++ is now a managed language which means is faster (way faster than before!)
3-    There has been a lot of work done towards space optimization. For instance, in retail situations the number of transactions can quickly grow, and this data needs to be stored efficiently without increasing storage costs.
4-    Transactions are much faster thanks to the improvements in X++ compatibility with .NET. For example, in AX 2009 you could run 100 lines of code in X amount of time (X being a number of seconds). In AX 2012 you can run 1,000 lines of code in the amount of time (X) that AX 2009 does.  This helps achieving fast deployments and customer usability of the product.
5-    The goal of AX 2012 is increase transaction speed and customer satisfaction by implementing the solution on pretty much the same hardware an end user had before.
Check it out.

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