Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Configuring and running the AX 2012 Hyper-V image with VirtualBox


A while ago I started setting up the AX 2012 virtual box in my laptop. It took me a few days to download and have everything ready to start setting the machine up. However, when I finally found the time to install it, I got a few errors on virtual PC . As a result I was unable to boot the machine successfully due to a file corruption error.

The following is a link that helped me out in fixing a few issues.

A few days later I found a video (below) that explained on how to install AX 2012 Hyper-V using the Oracle VM. After following the video (really easy to understand) I was able to successfully run AX 2012 VM on my computer.

NOTE: You will need access to partner source to download the AX 2012 VM files.

Check it out

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  1. Hi friends in this blog how to configure and run the AX 2012 Hyper-V image with Virtual Box has been shown. Please make use of it.

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  2. thanks for that; works perfectly (AX, EP, SSRS...).

    but did you find how to setup the network parameters to make the VM A (AX) work with the VM B (Exchange Server) ?

    thanks in advance

    1. Actually there's a much more performant way ...

  3. Nice sharing, Thanks!

    Alternative virtual box or hyper V - DUAL OS
    if you are interested to run VM AX 2012 R3 on laptop with best performance, visit the tutorial here:


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