Monday, January 11, 2021

D365 Customer Insights - Why we need it?


Straight out of the box, Customer Insights comes equipped with the Power Platform. This makes it easy to import data from just about any source, including Power BIPower Apps, Microsoft Access, Excel, JSON, Microsoft Graph, and REST APIs. Thanks to Customer Insights’ built-in customer profiles, your staff will have a complete view of each customer’s journey. These profiles are easy to customize, too, with the ability to segment them as needed. The end result is valuable information for your business.


6 Reasons to Use Customer Insights

Are you already gathering and analyzing customer data? If so, here are six reasons why you should consider using Customer Insights to make your analysis even more powerful.


  1. Identifying Trends

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can recognize changes in customer trends before you competitors do. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to adapt your offerings to customer demand ahead of your competitors.


  1. Customer Feedback Integration

Customer Insights makes it easy to incorporate customer feedback into your existing product profiles. This gives you the ability to quickly see how customers rate products, along with how your customers think they could be improved.


  1. Better Business Decisions

Thanks to Customer Insights’ powerful capabilities, you’ll be able to forecast changes in the market and make smarter business decisions.


  1. Inventory Management 

By using Customer Insights to anticipate customer demand, you can ensure that you have enough inventory for the coming weeks and months. This results in an optimal inventory level throughout the year.


  1. Improved Products and Services

Customer Insights can give your business detailed insight into the changing needs of your target market. By amassing and analyzing this data, you can design products and services tailored to meet your customers’ needs.


  1. Easy to Use

Customer data processing can be complicated, sometimes involving complex programming languages and database management. But with Customer Insights, anyone in your organization can quickly find answers to important questions, like “when should we target our audience with this messaging?”

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