Thursday, August 22, 2013

Create Counting Journal in AX 2012 R2 using Document Services

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It has been a long time since I created my last post. I have been very busy learning new things about AX 2012 R2 and other related technologies such as the Data Import/Export framework, TFS and AX 2012, SharePoint Development for the Enterprise Portal, among other. Everything will come in its own time and I'm planning in sharing a lot in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

On this post I would like to share some C# code to create a Counting Journal in AX 2012 R2 using the InventCountingJournalService that ships with AX. Let's keep in mind that the AX 2012 R2 document services are a extremely low cost option of providing this features to an external client with no AX development whatsoever.

So, I would like to start from the beginning:

1- Create a Service Group

2- Add the InventCountingJournalService to the Service Group

3- Deploy the Service Group. This will output the following.


4- Get the WSDL URI from the inbound ports form.

5- Go to Visual Studio, create a new windows form project, add a button and double click the button to create a button event.

6- Right - Click the Service References and choose Add Service Reference.

7 - Past the WSDL URI and click GO

8- Give your service a name i.e. InventCountingJournnal

9 - Write the following code and test.

 private void InventCountingJournal()
            InventCountingJournal.CallContext callContext = new InventCountingJournal.CallContext();

            InventCountingJournal.CountingJournalServiceClient servClient = new  InventCountingJournal.CountingJournalServiceClient();

            InventCountingJournal.AxdCountingJournal countJournal = new InventCountingJournal.AxdCountingJournal();

            InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventJournalTable journalHeader = new InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventJournalTable();

            callContext.Company = "CEU";
            journalHeader.JournalNameId = "CountJour";
            journalHeader.Description = "Counting Journal";

            InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventJournalTrans journalLines = new InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventJournalTrans();

            journalLines.ItemId = "12345";
            journalLines.Qty = 50;
            journalLines.TransDate = DateTime.Now;

            InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventDim inventDim = new InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventDim();

            inventDim.InventBatchId = "3";
            inventDim.InventLocationId = "1";
            inventDim.InventSiteId = "3";

            journalLines.InventDim = new InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventDim[1] { inventDim };


            journalHeader.InventJournalTrans = new InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventJournalTrans[1] { journalLines };

            countJournal.InventJournalTable = new InventCountingJournal.AxdEntity_InventJournalTable[1] { journalHeader };

            servClient.create(callContext, countJournal);

You can test this by clicking the button, and calling this method. A new counting journal would be created in AX. Then, you can either have a batch posting all the journals or simply have a user doing it manually.

That's all for now!

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  1. Hi mate,
    Your article is just crystal clear... Thanx.
    I have small question for you regarding AIF,
    How can i create different integration ports( enhanced ) for single service?? plzz help me.


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