Friday, December 23, 2011

10 biggest ERP software failures of 2011

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A new year is coming and I'm sure that all of us are looking forward to new challenges, career advancement, and the confidence that Microsoft Dynamics AX is providing our customer with a great product.

Based on a Computer World Magazine article, SAP, Epicor and Ingram Micro are having a few issues implementing their products around the world. Further, the article points out all the difficulties, legal issues and lack of vision that these ERP products are presenting to their customers.

I believe that these vendors are taking the right steps to address the problems they are having, but at the same time, I feel we have an advantage as Microsoft Dynamics AX is THE BEST ERP package in the market right now, plus is backed up by a solid network of professionals, like you and me, that are passionate about providing the best customer satisfaction.

The following picture shows the Magic Quadrant, where AX has been positioned in the leaders quadrant.

I feel confident that I'm in the right market working with the right product, and if are not so sure, I invite you to read the the article as well.

I wish everybody happy holidays and an amazing new year with lots of insights, success and vision.

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  1. Many time some problems are create in software but It's solve out. I use ERP software form last two year ans i have no problem any kind of.

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  2. I agree with you that in software development fields many project failures occur but all project that have issues is not failure moreover it is said that in every initial version there are some bugs but the major thing is how fast they are resolved.

  3. Thank for that comment, SAP Support. What you describe is pretty much a "standard" in the industry today. In addition, I also agree that the main difference lies on how fast we can resolve certain issues.

    However, It is also important to note that a bad implementation can start with a poor scoping. This will lead to a totally different result from what is expected. In this case, any platform will not work and what's worse, it will get a bad taste.


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