Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Managing Multiple AOS Instances - AX 2009

When multiple instances are installed, use the Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration utility to manage all AOS instances. Use the Server Configuration utility to verify that the AOS connects to the correct database and application file server.

1. Open the Server Configuration utility (Start > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration).

2. Click Manage, click Create configuration, and then enter a name for the configuration. Then determine whether to copy it from the active or original configuration.

3. On the Application Object Server tab, validate that the Application file location is correct.

4. In the TCP/IP port field, note which port the AOS is running on.This information is needed to connect to the AOS.

5. On the Database tab, validate that the AOS is connected to the correct database. If not, change it.

6. Click OK to exit the configuration utility

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