Thursday, February 17, 2011

In DCOMCnfg "Run application on this computer" is grayed out for my application on two Windows 7 machines, but it works fine on all other machines

I was having a problem sending an email through outlook in one of the dev machines at work this morning. After reading a few articles about the topic, I eneded up going to the Component Services to edit the Outlook Message Attachment Service component.

Went I got to the window (Start > Administrative tools >
Component Services> Double click in Component Services > MyComputer> DCOM Config) I did not find the service I was looking for. In addition, I found a service called AX32 I wanted to test with and I right clicked and went to the Security tab and everything was grayed out.

Then after reading some more, I learned that Windows 2008r2 and in Windows 7 the DCOMCNFG does not work. Actually the funny part is that there is article from microsoft ( saying that DCOMCNFG does work properly in Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, but it doesn't.

Anyway.... the solution to bad DcomCnfg behavior under 64 - bit Windows OS's is to use the 32 bit version of DcomCnfg.

Start -> Run -> mmc comexp.msc /32

then the X component under DCOM Config -> properties -> location tab.  All check boxes are available, and none are grey.

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  1. C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop
    gray out happens if the current loging user does not have rights on this folder
    you just add the user to security section of this folder
    this will sove


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